Wednesday, February 22

6PM - Travel Card

Regular C&T readers have probably noticed by now that the bands I cover aren't necessarily the most exotic. I haven't gone nuts about Swedish imports or really even given props to our neighbors to the north (by which I mean Canada, not Tennessee and South Carolina). This post will be an exception. One band I've been listening to lately is 6PM. They are an unsigned Spanish act whose music just happened to come into my possession. I was given a burn of their album Travel Card, and wasn't able to dig up very much information online. However, I've since been in touch with the band and have a little more to go on.

6PM is essentially the bedroom project of Ivan Oubiña and Raul Mon. The only real outlet I've found for information is their MySpace page. Their music is electronic indie pop -- this is not the sort of thing I usually listen to, but these guys keep me coming back. Before I realized they had a MySpace page I thought they reminded me of The Postal Service, or possibly Radiohead in their most "digital" moments. On their profile they cite both of those acts as influences as well as Four Tet, Blonde Redhead, Fog, and others. I think this stuff is worth checking out. Here's a taste:

6PM - December File
6PM - Travel Card
6PM - The Kids Who Didn't Want to be Persons

I've provided three songs, and would rather not provide more since the album apparently contains only six. The band has indicated to me that they do their own distribution, so if you would like to inquire about getting Travel Card feel free to contact them through MySpace. They've assured me that's fine with them.


I got the new Man Man album. It's manic, wild, and it rules. This release has already received heavy coverage, so I'll just direct you to Dodge's take at MOKB. Believe the hype.

The good people at IndiePages are offering a whole bunch of Spanish indie pop at the moment that nicely complements the electro-Spaniards featured above. Now you could hypothetically rock out to Spaniards just about all day. I'd say something in Spanish to express excitement here if I knew how to make upside-down exclamation points.

For my fellow Atlanta-area geeks out there, a few tickets remain for Charles Ross's one-man Star Wars Trilogy this weekend at Art Station in Stone Mountain. I'm going to the 3pm show on Sunday. I'll be the dude throwing the horns when Ross/Luke whines about going to Toshi Station to get some power converters.

Gorilla vs. Bear has the Postal Service remix of Feist's "Mushaboom." Go get it.

Newsflash! MSNBC has discovered that bands may use MySpace to promote themselves and find new listeners. Somebody better spread the word. I think this may just catch on...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The links for those songs don't work.


6:40 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Sorry about that. You may just have to come back later. It looks like ezarchive is having fits right now. I can't see the banner on the page or any of the other graphics right now either.

Sometimes I can't believe I actually pay for such service. Sigh.

7:10 PM

Anonymous giulio said...

Hy man,
I really like the song and i would like to stream some of them on my show...could you give me a contact for the guys (I'm not a myspace member) so to have a talk with them? thanks

8:21 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I wrote them asking for other contact info, and also gave them your URL. Hope you guys hook up.

8:56 PM

Anonymous giulio said...

thanks for the information, man!
you always provide good music!

5:04 PM


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