Monday, February 13

New Kite Flying Society demo - "Groundflower"

Well, here's a nice little birthday treat. David (the bass player) from Kite Flying Society has been kind enough to send me a new demo track! Those of you who've been reading here or at YANP have probably seen recent posts on them here or here (both of which were prompted by IndiePages featuring the band). Kite Flying Society is from San Diego. David tells me that the band has expanded into a seven-piece since the prior demos were recorded, including violin, two keyboards, and both male and female harmonies.

They've given me go-ahead to post the track online, so I'm certainly going to do so. After all, sharing is caring and all that. And it's just really good.

Kite Flying Society - Groundflower

My goodness, I hope these guys (and gal) get an LP (or even an EP!) out to the world in the near future. This is quality all-around. As I sit here in my office with headphones on, I wish I could just listen to this track on 'repeat' all afternoon. It makes me feel warmer than it actually is here on this frozen Monday. The vocal is pleasant and emotive, not unlike that of James Mercer (The Shins) or Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave). The lyrics are well-crafted and thoughtful. To top it off, the players all sound polished and the occassional bah-bah harmonies are downright enchanting. Can you tell I like this track? Fans of the aforementioned bands (or, hell, The Beach Boys) should certainly check this out. If you live in SoCal and actually get to see these guys live, know that I'm incredibly jealous. We don't get much 'California pop' out here in the Dirty South. Sigh.

Go pay them a visit on MySpace while you're at it. Looks like the only tourdates at the moment are in San Diego on 2/22 and 3/10. If you're in that area, check 'em out. If you tape the show, I'll (heart) you.

Now, I gotta go teach class. If you're one of my students, get back to work. Slacker.

Gorilla vs. Bear has a post on Portland's Blitzen Trapper. Good stuff. You can also grab tons of live Blitzen Trapper here. Props to the guys from Wafer Maneuver for introducing me to them.

MyExBestFriend has a run-down and pics from Saturday's Nada Surf/Rogue Wave/King of France show here in Atlanta.

YANP has new stuff from the High Water Marks. New Elephant 6-related stuff is always welcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rich,
Thanks for the shout! You guys have got me totally hooked on KFS, they are so good!

12:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sucks,
Here is the real KFS

8:20 PM


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