Sunday, March 26

The Knife - BBC radio, Feb. 17, 2005

After yesterday's Swede-a-thon, it seems appropriate to continue the trend. Plus, I just happened to have this set on my HDD and I thought it'd be nice to share.

Today I feature Swedish electro-pop duo The Knife. The band is made up of Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, siblings who have released three albums including Silent Shout, their most recent effort. As a lot of you may know, they have been getting a lot of love from music blogs and critics over the past year. I haven't been as taken with them as some other blog-types (ahem, GvB), but "electronic" music rarely interests me all that much. Anyhow, available here is a short set by The Knife on BBC1 about a year ago. It's only the music, sans chatter or interviews.

The Knife
Rob da Bank show
BBC1 Showcase
Feb. 17, 2005

The Knife - Pass This On
The Knife - Heartbeats
The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity

You can hear some studio tracks on their MySpace page.

For some song downloads, I suggest visiting this post at Funtime OK. Their current album can be purchased from Amazon, but only as a high-priced import. Anybody know anything about a domestic release?

While you're at it, and since I'm apparently in the midst of a passionate love affair with YouTube at the moment, you can also check out the video for "Heartbeats" below.


Anonymous Niklas Berglund said...

Hi, i´m searching like a maniac for The Knife - live @ rob da bank show, any chance that you still got it?

you can contact me at:
piddy_niklas (at) hotmail (dot)com

you would make me year if you still have it:D

Niklas Berglund, a swedish The knife collector

7:44 PM


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