Saturday, April 8


Spider is Brooklyn native Jane Herships, and regular blog readers know she has generated quite a buzz in the past couple of months. Justifiably so, I might add. She sings in a lovely hushed manner that doesn't require volume to demand attention. These songs are intimate and charming, warm and lovely. If asked to categorize it, I suppose I'd have to say it's in the neo-folk genre. I realize that Sam Beam/Iron & Wine may be an incredibly obvious comparison, but it's the one that always comes to mind when I put on these tracks. Regardless, these are worth checking out if you haven't yet done so.

Spider - The Bitter
Spider - Don't Be Afraid, I've Just Come to Say Goodbye, The Ballad of Clementine Jones

For more information and songs, see her official site or her MySpace.

You can buy the album directly from her website or CD Baby.


Athens Exchange has a lengthy interview with Of Montreal in today's edition. Worth reading if you're a fan of the band. Focuses heavily on Dottie and Athens, both of which deserve the attention.

If you haven't heard, there's a new Sufjan Stevens album due in July. It's a collection of outtakes and extras from Illinois. Exciting, I'd say. Good Weather for Airstrikes has a post on the topic with a track to download.

It's not my norm to hype rap and hip-hop stuff, but you've gotta check out this Lovestick track at Gorilla vs. Bear. Good stuff.

I also suggest checking out YANP's post on The Grates. Fun stuff.


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i am such a sucker for cute girls singing frail little songs.

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