Friday, January 12

Pan's Labyrinth

I decided to cross-post this to see if there is any interest from any of you folks from Atlanta in getting together with a group of us from Auburn and seeing this film. I think it'd be great to have a chance to meet some of you and possibly hang out or do something else that is fun.

I remember seeing the first stills to this film many months ago and I was just completely intrigued with the idea of an adult fairy tale. A lot of the images look downright frightening as I have no idea what is to be expected. I'm interested in seeing a film that takes away the rules and never plays it "safe". This is easy to imagine considering it's a rated R film and director Guillermo Del Toro's reputation as a great director of horror and fantasy work with past films like the beautiful and twisted Cronos and Devil's Backbone, to popcorn flicks like Hellboy and Blade 2.

It's finally getting a wide-release here in the U.S. on the 19th, and a bunch of us from Auburn are planning on checking it out in Atlanta sometime that weekend. Andy and I have been discussing it at work and would like to see if we could possibly get a group together of some of you Atlanta folks to see the film and have a chance to meet and hang out a little bit. I've already asked Rich about coming along, so if any of you would like to come see it as well than please feel free to join us. Maybe we can all do something after or whatever.

This film is getting so much hype though that as my excitement builds for it, the more I fear i'll be disappointed. It's even getting love from other music bloggers who i've never seen cover films at all. It's already being hailed as a masterpiece by many, so I can't wait to finally see this for myself to decide.

If you still haven't seen the trailer for the film, please do yourself a favor and check it out. I've got a few tracks from the soundtrack as well that i've been listening to all night and it manages to stand on it's own as a hauntingly beautiful piece of orchestral work despite me not seeing the film at all. The melodies have a very childlike innocence while still being dark and mysterious. It's kinda a similar listening experience to that of The Fountain soundtrack, as you can just sit down and randomly listen and enjoy.

Pan's Labryinth | Watch Trailer
Javier Navarrete | "Long, Long Time Ago (Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo)"
Javier Navarrete | "Fairy and the Labyrinth (El Hada y el Laberinto)"


Anonymous ray said...

You won't be disappointed. The film showed that innocence is never lost, it is only forgotten. Enjoy getting immersed in the surreally ethereal world Del Toro created. =)

11:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm in love with the first track :) beautiful

5:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful rhythm, what a magic sound of 'long long time ago'!

1:40 AM


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