Sunday, January 29

And so it begins....

This, friends, is the inaugural post on Cable and Tweed. However you got here, thanks for stopping by. Huzzah.

In its usual self-important fashion, Pitchfork spewed forth a charming line in a recent article:

"...any hipster nerd with a DSL connection can share his/her eclectic taste with the world..."

You know what? They're right. And while they were being dismissive, it encouraged me to stop simply trolling everyone else's music blogs and add another superfluous weblog to the mix. Take that, Pitchfork. Neener neener neener.

It's not my intention to compete with the big ol' music blogs out there -- I really just want an outlet where I can share things I like and distribute my concert recordings. Expect a heavy focus on Atlanta/Athens area stuff and other fun indie tidbits. Updates won't be daily; I'm a hard-working grad student/instructor and I don't have the time. Still, I'll do what I can to keep it interesting. On that note... PLAY BALL!


Anonymous wendy said...

That Pitchfork quote is pure comedy GOLD! Talk about unintended irony.

1:36 PM


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