Thursday, April 2

Making of the FLUKE 2009 anthology

This year's FLUKE Mini-Comics Explosion is on Saturday, April 4, at Tasty World in Athens (11AM-6PM, $5 admission). It's a very fun event, and you can both browse the comics available and chat with their creators. Each year a comics anthology is made to celebrate the festival. This year it is produced by Wide Awake Press, and you can see some of the process in this nifty video:

I recognize J. Chris Campbell, Brad McGinty, and Josh Latta in the video. Nice work, guys!

Thanks to Joey Weiser for the link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you make it back for Fluke? Good to see you, even for a microscopic amount of time this weekend. (Emily)

5:47 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nope, I was gone from Thurs. afternoon to Monday morning. No FLUKE. Next year, hopefully.

Great to see you too!

7:01 PM


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