Monday, July 6

I'm guessing this seemed less perverse when it was published

From Marvel Super Special #4: The Beatles Story (1978)

Prince would be proud.


Blogger Patrick Dean said...

I don't know, Creem was always a bit on the smart ass side. I get the feeling they knew what they were doing.

Do you remember when Creem Magazine reappeared in 1994 for about a year or two?

2:18 PM

Anonymous John Clifton said...

Heck no, Creem knew EXACTLY what they were doing...this is the rag that brought you the Creem Dream (famously once Wendy O. Williams wearing nothing but shaving cream on her upper torso). Ask Jeff Clark over at Stomp & Stammer if he doesn't owe some debt of gratitude for lifting some of the snark that Lester Bangs et al brought every month. I grew up on this, and now I'm gonna go down to the basement and dig out my box of old issues to revisit an old friend.

6:32 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Patrick, John -- ha, good to know. I've never even flipped through an issue of Creem, and had no idea it emerged again in the '90s. I'll have to see if Bizarro Wuxtry has some issues that I can browse.

11:39 AM


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