Saturday, June 13

Recent videos from GSU's DAEL/indieATL: Robyn Hitchcock, Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun, BabyShakes, The Coathangers

The Digital Arts Entertainment Lab at Georgia State University does a lot to archive and promote the local music scene by inviting Georgia bands (and the occasional out-of-towners) in for live performances and sharing them online. Recently they have also established a new identity as indieATL, with a video podcast featuring their videos. If you prefer, you can also subscribe to their YouTube channel.

A sample of what they have posted in the last month or so:

Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 - "What You Is"

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun - "Like It or Not"

BabyShakes - "Just Another Day"

The Coathangers - "Stop Stomp Stompin'"


Blogger indieATL said...

hey rich,

thanks so much for all the love! we are still having a lot of fun doing these shows. let me know if they are any artists that you think we need to get in here. keep up the great work. as always, love your blog. best, matt

1:22 PM


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