Wednesday, October 7

The Mountain Goats - "Psalms 40:2" on The Colbert Report

The Mountain Goats were on The Colbert Report last night, and played a new song from their brand new album Life of the World to Come (Dig). Here is "Psalms 40:2":

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The Mountain Goats - Psalms 40:2
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Bonus track:

The Mountain Goats - Genesis 3:23


Anonymous Melissa said...

An interesting way to organize an album (with the Bible)--I'm intrigued. Normally this is something I would run as fast as possible from (no matter how great the songwriting) due to an allergy to a conservative religious upbringing. But the unconventional use of the Bible and honesty of emotion may just convince me. Definitely going to have to get a copy.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Nic said...

I saw that episode! I might be skeptical about the concept if the Mountain Goats weren't so amazing and uncompromising.

12:21 AM

Anonymous Nicholas Koller said...

Came across this Mountain Goats interview from (at least) a year back and thought of your site: .... "I think the answer to this question is an old comic book called Man-Thing, which was where I first learned the word "entropy."

12:26 AM

Anonymous Nic said...

Oh, auto-fill. You have betrayed me.

12:28 AM


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