Friday, February 10

Loose Fur returns -- Jeff Tweedy and co. are Born Again

Jeff Tweedy fans, rejoice! A new Loose Fur album is on the way. While Tweedy fans have been given plenty of nuggets of late with a Wilco live album and his contributions to the new Minus 5 LP (not to mention the spring Wilco tour), Loose Fur provides another taste of the man's wares. In fact, not just one man's, but three -- Jeff Tweedy, Glenn Kotche (also of Wilco), and Jim O'Rourke. The trio has worked on several projects over the years, with Loose Fur serving as a chance for a fun collaborative effort. Their first (self-titled) album was released on Drag City in 2003. Their follow-up, Born Again in the USA, is due out in March. However... you can sample two tracks now here on C&T:

Loose Fur - The Ruling Class (LINK REMOVED)
Loose Fur - Wanted (LINK REMOVED)

Billboard gave the release some coverage, and Prefixblog has an early review.

You can pre-order here. Thanks to Dan for the link to Insound!

BigO Magazine has a soundboard recording of a 1971 Neil Young solo show available.

Johnny Texaco (I guess...) has the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Black Session (1-31-2006, FM source) up for download.


Anonymous giulio said...

hey man,
you let me know so many new artists and I wanna give you one back...check my blog and let me know what you think about "chris and the other girls"

11:55 AM

Anonymous dan said...

hey there

I found an loose fur pre-order at insound. I have many of the tracks - thanks for posting some more.

9:53 PM

Anonymous dan said...

oops . . .

9:53 PM


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