Sunday, February 5

Andrew Bird on NPR, 4-17-2005

One artist on tour right now who's getting a lot of blog attention is Andrew Bird. Matt at YANP has posted an interview with Mr. Bird, and Muzzle of Bees has posted mp3's of his appearance this spring on KCRW. Incidentally, he's also going to be playing at Eyedrum here in Atlanta next Saturday night, 2/11. Given all that, I thought I'd reach back into my own archive as well and post an interview that Bird did with NPR's Weekend Edition. It aired on April 17 and includes much discussion of Bird's musical prowess, songwriting, and his current album. Total run-time is about 10 minutes.

Andrew Bird - NPR's Weekend Edition, 4-17-2005

Also, don't forget that there are always a number of Andrew Bird live shows available for download at the Live Music Archive. Such a great site.

Now, off to drink and watch the Steelers and Seahawks rumble.


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