Wednesday, February 27

Get Down, America!

It's the political season in the U.S., and since January we've seen the field of presidential candidates narrowed to a mere quartet trio (sorry, Mike Huckabee). As each of those contenders seeks to build a coalition for victory on November 4, they must be jealous of the coup that Howard the Duck pulled off in 1976. His ill-fated third-party campaign may not have won the White House, but he really was a uniter.

He got the dreamers and mystics...

The mindless zealots...

The working class...

Even the disenchanted and recent immigrants...

Now there's a candidate who didn't need to whimper about superdelegates.

Unfortunately for Howard, his All-Night Party ticket went down in flames and Jimmy Carter won the White House. Win or lose, however, he left the American people with one wise bit of advice:

Bravo, Mr. The Duck. Bravo.

The full slate of Howard's endorsements can be found in Marvel Treasury Edition #12: Howard the Duck (1976).


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