Wednesday, March 19

Atlanta's Luigi announce hiatus

In a bit of not-so-awesome news, Atlanta pop/rock act Luigi has announced a coming hiatus after their March 28 show at The EARL (with Silent Kids and The Preakness). The note from the band:

Friends and Fans of Luigi,

We have something to share with you--it's only fair to let you know. After the show on Friday, March 28th, 2008, Luigi will be frozen in time, rendering us unable to perform any more live shows. We can't say it'll be the last Luigi show EVER. But--we know with certainty--it will be the last for a very very long while.

Please keep in touch with us at this web site or There you'll also find links to other endeavors of Luigi members Brian Fletcher, Scott Rowe, Jeff Holt and K. Michelle DuBois.

We thank you for the fun and support over the past few years. And we hope you'll still be around when they thaw us out for a show, years from now (understand, we will look much younger than you--SCIENCE!) and as always,



They were always a band I looked forward to seeing, so this is a bummer. It is, however, a nice excuse to post some tracks from their catalog.

Luigi - Mariposa
Luigi - Wash It Down

It should also be noted that singer Michelle looks better than most in a lab coat, as seen in the video for "Single Cell":

Good band, good folks. Hope to make it to the show.


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