Tuesday, March 25

South Park Studios is online!

Want to watch every single episode of South Park ever, online? Want to embed clips from the show on your blog? Now you can at South Park Studios.

For a taste, here is a clip from the Season 5 episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die" featuring Radiohead:

This, friends, is a good day.

Tip of the hat to The Beat.


Blogger Juliar said...

sweet god. (actually, this is the only episode that ever disturbed me....)

3:03 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Was it the (ahem) hair, the donkey, or the (ahem) chili that got you?

3:05 PM

Anonymous Ryan said...

There used to be a site called SouthParkZone that hosted all of the episodes and the movie. It was updated within an hour of a new episode broadcast. Too bad that was illegal, but this is even better.

I'm very happy about this.

5:24 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Yep, the fact it's official is great. I'll finally get to watch that Imaginationland episode I missed!

6:05 PM

Blogger Juliar said...

it was, uh, the chili, actually. i mean, the rest was gross, but this was....you know....worse.

10:19 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I remember watching that with my roommate, and we were both in awe. I believe that was the defining moment when we all learned, definitively, not to eff with Eric Cartman.

10:21 AM

Anonymous bill p said...

my favorite episode ever.

12:15 PM


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