Wednesday, April 23

Nomen Novum

One of the newer Atlanta bands on my radar (thanks to OhmPark) is jangly rock act Nomen Novum. I picked up their current "Mantis Man" 7" at Criminal Records, and am rather impressed with the trio of songs included. They're fun and kinda rockin'.

"Mantis Man" has a cadence that reminds me of The Decemberists' "The Apology Song," while the melodic, guitar-driven "Aunt Urn" and darker "Vinyl" round out the release. It's certainly worth the $5-$6 price tag for the 7", CDR, comic, lyrics, and sticker inside. You can buy the 7" at Criminal Records, Wax 'n Facts, and Ella Guru in Atlanta or send money to the address on their Myspace.

Nomen Novum - Aunt Urn

They have a few upcoming shows in the Southeast, including May 12 at Caledonia Lounge in Athens.


Blogger Fifth said...

Pretty damn good!

11:22 AM

Blogger Rich said...

And local! I like when those two things intersect. ;)

11:28 AM


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