Friday, April 11

Vampire Weekend returns to ATL, June 11

Hey kids! Are you bored with Dave Matthews Band? Do you miss Rusted Root? Have you cracked your vinyl copy of Paul Simon's Graceland? You're in luck! The wacky world music prep schoolers from Vampire Weekend are coming back to Atlanta. They'll be at the Variety Playhouse on June 11. Tickets go on sale this Saturday (tomorrow!) at 10am.

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

If you don't get any tickets, don't blame me. I'm not your competition.


Blogger Juliar said...

yeah, neither am i...

3:45 PM

Blogger aimi said...


10:15 AM

Anonymous brandon said...

youch!...but, yeah, astute observations once again, rich.

12:04 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, it's political season. I was inspired to go negative.

12:06 PM


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