Sunday, September 28

Criminal Records, Ella Guru moving to new Atlanta locations

Lois Lane and Clark Kent, from Action Comics #653

This may not be the freshest news, but it's new to me. C&T's friends at Drive a Faster Car report that local indie record stores Ella Guru and Criminal Records are moving!

Ella Guru, it seems, have already moved from their former home in Toco Hills (Decatur) over to a new location in Inman Park. I used to shop there during grad school, and wish them luck.

Atlanta's very best music store, Criminal Records, is apparently moving to another spot in Little Five Points but keeping the old storefront by Aurora Coffee and Junkman's Daughter for the comics and collectibles. Can't wait to see the new space.

For more info, head to Drive a Faster Car.


Blogger Ryan said...

So, if the music is moving out, does that mean even more comics? I certainly hope so.

3:41 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me. My understanding is that they make good money on comics sales.

4:16 PM


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