Thursday, September 25

Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and Stephen Colbert

From Amazing Spider-Man #573

I don't have any evidence to back this up, but I'm pretty sure this comic was made just for me. Well, and Matt Picasso and The Falconer.

When Amazing Spider-Man #573 hits store shelves on October 15, it will feature an 8-page story with Spidey web-slinging with Stephen Colbert. My hunch is that Colbert will show up in the role of presidential candidate -- he remains in the race for the White House in the Marvel Universe despite an early exit from the real thing. Either way, it looks like he borrows a set of Peter's web-shooters.

For those keeping score, Colbert campaign paraphernalia has been showing up in Marvel books for months. The sightings are dutifully documented on the Indecision 2008 blog.

Hat tip to Newsarama.

Update: More on the team-up at Newsarama from writer Mark Waid.


Anonymous ryan lewis said...

it was made for me too!!

4:28 PM

Blogger Ryan said...


4:35 PM

Anonymous _NICK said...

The world just got a little more awesome.

1:10 PM


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