Thursday, October 9

Whose house? Wayne's house.

The New York Times hangs out with Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips at his OKC home. Good stuff:

The house is less a quiet sanctuary than a full-time Flaming Lips headquarters: a place where band members crashed in the early days; where rehearsals still take place in a cramped back room; and where Mr. Coyne can work up visual elements for concerts (like the mirrored disco balls sitting in an open-sided shed in the yard). On this particular day, the band’s roadies were in a workshop behind the house building a “500-pound human brain,” a Halloween display designed by Mr. Coyne (and actually made of lightweight foam). “There are still kids who think we showed off a dead guy,” Mr. Coyne said, referring to the year he put a bloody, life-size rubber man on the porch.

I approve. Thanks to The Falconer for the tip.


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