Wednesday, December 10

Secret Invasion: Dark Swipe

Well, I'll be darned. While reading Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1 today, I couldn't get over Namor's new look. His new awful, awful look. I realized after looking closer than he looked liked Robert De Niro. Shortly thereafter, I hit up Google Image Search. A query for "Deniro head" revealed that I was more right than I imagined.

Namor by Alex Maleev from SI: Dark Reign #1 and Robert De Niro

That's a swipe, right? The jacket, the chair, the angle of the head, the ears.... looks like it to me. The odd part is that De Niro's hair looks more like Namor's should. Maybe somebody got him some clippers for Fishmukkah or whatever they celebrate in Atlantis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's first thought was Joe Pesci...

10:32 AM

Blogger Rich said...

That crossed my mind as well.

11:04 AM

Blogger m said...

Namor's out? Loud? Proud?

1:11 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Get used to it.

1:41 PM

Blogger Karate Media said...

Pretty sure that's Phil Collins.

Sue Richards knows that Namor's an Easy Lover.

4:30 PM


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