Saturday, April 18

Pay what you want for Paste subscriptions for a limited time

For a very limited time, you can name your price and get a one-year subscription to Paste Magazine. Paste covers music, film, and pop culture, and is based in my old home of Decatur, Georgia.

Have at it.


Blogger Yedna said...

Nice! It's as if Paste had read my posted complaint and was looking for an opportunity to prove themselves.

4:08 PM

Blogger Karate Media said...

I ended up only paying $1.00 this time. Why? Because this time around, by using the "pay your own" subscription, you're agreeing to automatic renewal (no way around this what what I could tell). Sorry, but I don't totally trust that canceling this renewal will be an easy process, so I had to make this subscription cheap enough to make an unwanted renewal worth it.

And why wouldn't I want to renew in a year? Because after a year of reading Paste, I'm become pretty dissatisfied with it. I don't mind a cheap subscription just to have something around to read, but I started to get the feeling that PAste was more about giving "advertorial" content space to artists who paid for advertising. Maybe I'm wrong, but after a year of it, I felt like it wasn't a magazine worth full price anymore.

1:58 PM

Blogger Karate Media said...

Also, don't type during lunch. Lots of mistakes...

1:59 PM


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