Thursday, November 19

Sourpatch - "I Want You Either Way" (video)

As may be apparent, I haven't been jazzed about a lot of new music lately. This week, however, I was introduced to an artist to watch. Sourpatch are a young band from San Jose, and they have a record on Athens label HHBTM Records. They've posted the video for "I Want You Either Way" and it's a promising sample:

Order Sourpatch records from HHBTM.


Anonymous infonerdtoo! (",) said...

that's nice.. keep it up.. :)

11:14 PM

Anonymous Luke Kuzava said...

this song is really sweet...

there's something about them that reminds me of really old-school Guided By Voices or something, and not just in the lo-finess... its kinda instantly familiar.

3:12 AM


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