Thursday, February 2

Here Come The Selmanaires

You know that feeling when you see a local band and you're keenly aware that they won't be local much longer? There are a few such artists rockin' the ATL at the moment, and The Selmanaires are my favorite among them. The band is made up of Herb Harris (guitar/drums/vox), Jason Harris (drums/keys/vox), and Tommy Chung (bass/vox). All three sing and play multiple instruments. They claim The Kinks, Devo, and The Meters among their influences and it shows. Basically, they're the kind of music that makes me sing along and dance alone in my living room. Their lone album, Here Come the Selmanaires, has been among the top sellers locally since its release in the fall of 2005.

The Selmanaires have just announced a run of shows throughout February and March that takes them far from the Peachtree City, including a stop at SXSW. They're even playing my old stomping grounds in St. Louis. I have no doubt they'll get plenty of new fans on the way. No proper webpage yet, but you can give them a visit on MySpace.

Flava for your ear:

The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
The Selmanaires - High Tide
The Selmanaires - In the Direction of Yes

You can order their album from Criminal Records here. For you vinyl nuts out there, they also have a brand new 7" available from Atlanta's own Rob's House Records.

I'm seeing them twice this week so expect some live material soon. Sweet.


Blogger Thomas said...

Picked up the Selmanaires record a few weeks ago on suggestion from a clerk at Criminal (can't remember who) and really dig the CD. Highly recommend people check them out if possible. Where are their upcoming live shows at?

12:03 PM

Blogger Rich said...

They're playing tonight at Lenny's, then Saturday night at Drunken Unicorn. I'm probably just gonna go on Saturday. May go up to Nashville next Weds. too so a friend from Vanderbilt can see them with me.

Glad to see another local checking in. Feel free to pass along any local music/events that might be of interest.

By the way, I stumbled onto The Selmanaires in a similar way -- just checked them out on the listening station at Criminal because I was curious. Hooked me right off the bat.

12:11 PM


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