Thursday, February 16

Of Montreal KRUA interview and videos

Of Montreal has been all over this site and others lately, so I figured I'd just continue the trend. Below are some fun Of Montreal-related items that might be of interest to you lovely people. The interview with Kevin Barnes is pretty cool, and you might not have seen the videos. Have fun, and thanks to Peter from WRUA for posting this interview on the station's website! I downloaded it, remastered it, and cut it into tracks.

Download the interview here (LINK REMOVED) in a .zip archive (58mb). Here's the info:

Of Montreal/Kevin Barnes
KRUA FM, Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage
interview recorded January 26, 2006
aired February 5, 2006

01. "Wraith Pinned to the Mist" excerpt
02. interview
03. "I Was Watching Your Eyes" excerpt
04. interview
05. "Scenes From My Funeral" excerpt
06. interview
07. "Forecast Facist Future" excerpt
08. interview
09. "Jennifer Louise" excerpt
10. interview
11. "Lysergic Bliss" excerpt

The interview was on KRUA's "Peaches & Puppies in the Park" show hosted by Peter.

And as for the moving pictures...
Of Montreal - Requiem for OMM2 (27mb .mov)
Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games) (16mb .mov)

Lesbian Afternoon - Disconnect the Dots (Of Montreal cover)


Muzzle of Bees has ripped the tracks from the Of Montreal "Microuniversity" 7" single. You should still get one before they sell out (if they haven't already).

Out the Other has a post on a new (to me) band, Guillemots. Sounds like promising stuff. Go check 'em out on Janet's site.

I Guess I'm Floating has a Heypenny track from Use These Spoons. You can find more Heypenny in my previous post on the band. Looks like they're starting to get regular coverage. Cool beans.

Music for Maniacs has Willie Nelson's "gay cowboy song." Wow.


Blogger phenom said...

Can you please tell us more about Heypenny? Can you provide more mp3s? Why aren't these guys getting more attention? They're great and it doesn't make sense why people aren't discovering these guys.

6:32 PM


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