Friday, February 24

Untied States / Luigi @ The EARL tonight

As mentioned on C&T earlier in the week, Atlanta bands Luigi and Untied States are at The EARL tonight. While Luigi is headlining, it's also the release party for Untied States' Retail Detail (which I believe is on Foul Country Records). Local rag Creative Loafing named Untied States Atlanta's best experimental band in 2004 and best "avant-something-or-other" band in 2003. Their live performances are known to be wildly energetic romps. As for their sound, it's a blend of electronica, prog, punk, and pop. They've been put in the "noise-rock" genre by some reviewers and I can see why. CD Baby's blurb says that "Untied States is order and rebellion, a feverish assault of warped melodies with atonal sonic reciprocity." That about sums it up. This is a bit different than the stuff I usually post, but I'm looking forward to seeing both these guys and Luigi tonight.

Here are several tracks, generously provided by Foul Country Records and Untied States:

from Retail Detail (2006):
Untied States - It's Not Goodbye
Untied States - You on Your Own

from Ineffable, By Design (2004):
Untied States - These Means to an End are Sure to End Me
Untied States - I'll Prove You Wrong (Again)

Retail Detail (and their older material) can be purchased directly from the band.
You can learn more and stream tracks on their MySpace page or their website.

By the way, I'll be there tonight so feel free to say hi. I'll be the guy in glasses with my yellow Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin shirt and a tan corduroy blazer. You'll most likely find me hanging out with a gear box by the pole between the bar and stage. I'll probably be the only person in the room holding both a beer and a flashlight. I may pass on a wardrobe update later if things change, but at the moment I'm still in my PJ's.

In other news...

Bought tix yesterday to the 3/20 Man Man and 3/21 Joggers/Selmanaires shows at The EARL. Oh, hell yes. You can't see me, but I have one serious shit-eating grin on my face right now.

Totes Umbrellas has an interview with members of blog favorites Oh No! Oh My!. Really like their style, dude. And they've just moved to Nashville! Well, two of them did.

You should go check out Janet's blog, Out the Other, and stream her radio show from this week. Lots of good stuff including SSLYBY, Heypenny, Guillemots, and Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's. Plus she reads PSA's like nobody's business.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

moresight will rule the roost. awww, damn.

5:59 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I don't anything about Moresight. I'll have to get there early to see 'em.

6:42 PM

Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

god i reeeally hope those shows don't sell out. i want to go so badly but apparently not badly enough to actually drag my poor ass out of the house to buy tickets ahead of time.

4:59 PM

Blogger Rich said...

FAB, just use to buy 'em online. Problem solved. And you can even use Paypal.

10:54 PM

Blogger Joe John said...

Thanks for the shoutout man! I'll show you some blog-love back and add you to our sidebar.

12:59 AM


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