Tuesday, June 13

Casper & the Cookies - "Learn How to Disappear"

Since my pre-order showed up last week, just about the only CD that I've been rockin' to in the car (along with Spoon's Gimme Fiction) is the new album by Athens-based Casper & the Cookies. It's called The Optimists Club, and it has several standout indie pop tracks. That said, I keep finding myself skipping to one song in particular repeatedly while driving around. I think if my car CD player had a repeat function, I'd have it playing over and over. Thank goodness I haven't had any passengers the past few days.

Casper & the Cookies - Learn How to Disappear

Can you see why I've been walking around singing the chorus all week?

Their MySpace page has more songs and their upcoming tourdates, which are all over the U.S. That July 22 showcase in Murfreesboro looks amazing (On the bill: How I Became the Bomb, Casper & the Cookies, Bunnygrunt, Visitations / Fablefactory, Velcro Stars, Cars Can be Blue, The Ocelots, and Russian Spy Camera). If anybody wants to carpool up...

You can order The Optimists Club from Happy Happy Birthday To Me for only $10.


Anonymous Kelly said...

I love this track, thanks for posting it!

12:26 AM

Blogger Bawston Sean said...

If you find people to car pool with, we can find you all a place to stay for the A-Boro Popfest. It's gonna be a blast!!!

1:41 PM


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