Thursday, August 3

This weekend in Atlanta - Parker benefit, GaryFest, etc.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend in Atlanta, I suggest checking out what's going down at Star Bar. On Friday night they're hosting a benefit for an Atlantan in need, and on Saturday they're hosting a bunch of local bands at GaryFest.

On Friday night a benefit will be held for Justin Parker, a member of Atlanta's indie music scene who recently lost both of his legs in a tragic accident. Here's a summary of the event's background, direct from its MySpace page:

On the evening of Saturday July 9th, a close friend of Parker’s lost control of her truck while re-parking it in the lot fronting Liberty Tattoo on Ponce de Leon. The truck drove through the front window of the tattoo shop, pinning Justin Parker and crushing his legs. He was transported to Grady Hospital where both legs were amputated. Justin is a self-employed carpenter supporting a wife and two small children, and has no health insurance. Parker, 34, is a lifelong Atlanta resident and an enthusiastic participant in Atlanta’s skateboard, dirt bike and alternative music scenes. He was the drummer of Reeb (“beer” spelled backwards), a local punk band. He and his family have a long, costly, and difficult road ahead.

Since the accident, the Atlanta community has rallied around the Parkers. Friends, bands, tattoo shops, motorcycle shops, and other local businesses are helping to raise funds for the family of Justin Parker.

If you'd like to donate to the fund for Justin's family, the info is on the MySpace page linked above.

I don't know a lot about the bands on the bill other than the Selmanaires, but they're obviously a favorite of mine.

The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
The Selmanaires - Images
The Selmanaires - Day Tripper [live 1-7-2006; acoustic; Beatles cover]
The Selmanaires - Psychotic Reaction [live 3-21-2006; Count Five cover]

On Saturday night, the Star Bar hosts GaryFest starting around 6pm. This looks like a good time too:

Here's a track by the Silent Kids, a local C&T fave who are on the bill:

Silent Kids - Engine of a Lifetime

If you find yourself wandering over to The Vortex while you're in Little 5 Points, I suggest having the chili cheeseburger with firehouse chili and tots. Deeeeelicious.

Lots of other good stuff this weekend too -- The Selmanaires at The EARL (Saturday), The Clientele and Snowden at The EARL (Sunday), and Muse at Tabernacle (Sunday).

The Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y.
Snowden - Anti-Anti

I have to admit though, it's gonna be hard to keep me away from Talladega Nights this weekend. Decisions, decisions...


I neglected to mention a couple events on Friday as well:

The Liverhearts and Lylas @ Lenny's
Justin Parker Benefit @ The EARL with Telegram, Creve Coeur, and the Atlanta Rollergirls

Wow. Can't believe those slipped my mind.

As noted in the comments, there are also a couple other good shows on Saturday night:

All the Saints @ Lenny's
The Judies @ Smith's Olde Bar


Anonymous musick said...

Two other great Saturday options:

All the Saints at Lenny's
The Judies at Smith's

9:46 AM

Anonymous charlierumble said...

who is this gary character?

10:39 AM

Blogger Rich said...

charlierumble... I was wondering that myself. Couldn't find any info online. Anybody care to fill us in?

matt, thanks. I obviously didn't do much research for this post. ;)

11:03 AM

Anonymous gregor said...

i will be hitting up the liverhearts and lylas show. lylas are playing with elf power next weekend. i wish i could go, damn kid!

4:30 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Isn't Gary one of the owners of the Starbar, the big blond guy? Used to go with bartender Melissa from the Earl? I'm tired and a little out of it but I'm pretty sure that me and Steve had a long discussion about the upcoming Masquerade X show with him when we were at the Cogburns last week...
Wish I could go to all of these shows but I'll be at a bunch of wedding stuff.

5:46 PM


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