Saturday, December 30

Selmanaires, Snowden rock ATL on NYE

I have all kinds of new music that I want to post about soon, but things are a bit hectic for me over the next 10 days or so (including trips to Memphis, New Orleans, and Athens). We'll see what happens. For now, I want to highlight a couple of big New Year's Eve shows in Atlanta.

Two of Atlanta's finest rock bands, The Selmanaires and Snowden, are each headlining their own NYE celebrations with other local stars backing them up. The Selmanaires take over The EARL, with indie rockers Tenement Halls and garage rock act Thee Crucials supporting. Snowden will rock the Drunken Unicorn with noise/rock stalwarts Deerhunter and rock/folk band Gringo Star (formerly A Fir-Ju Well) also on the bill. Here are some tracks from each band for those undecideds:

The Selmanaires, Tenement Halls, and Thee Crucials @ The EARL

The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
The Selmanaires - Images
Tenement Halls - Plenty is Never Enough
Thee Crucials - Squares Beware [buy from Rob's House Records]

Tickets to this show are available from The EARL's website.

Snowden, Deerhunter, and Gringo Star @ Drunken Unicorn

Snowden - Anti-Anti
Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
A Fir-Ju Well - Together (now Gringo Star)

Tickets to this show are available from Ticket Alternative.

I assume Gringo Star still plays A Fir-Ju Well material? I haven't seen them play since the name change.

Leah has info on more NYE musical happenings in ATL over at Confessions of a Music Addict.

UPDATE: I'll be at The EARL for The Selmanaires. Say hi to the guy with glasses at the pole taping the show. Happy new year!


Blogger Paulie said...

Oh it's a tough choice made easier for me by two factors

1) I've already purchased a ticket for The Selmanaires / Tenement Halls show.

2) I can walk to/from The EARL from my house. No chance of a DUI.

4:18 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! Sounds like a plan.

I imagine that'll be one hell of a party.

4:27 PM

Blogger Richard said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:37 PM

Blogger wharman said...

Happy New Year!

4:32 PM


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