Thursday, December 21

Schneider, Frampton, Nielsen, Funk, and Colbert rock da hizzy

I've already gushed a bit about the Colbert Report from Wednesday, and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that Robert Schneider's performance and song are available at You Ain't No Picasso. Sweet! Now, in addition to those materials here's the show's ending jam with Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo), Peter Frampton, Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Chris Funk (The Decemberists) and Stephen Colbert jamming on The Colbert Report theme song. So cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

apples rock!

12:31 AM

Blogger Samantha said...

suuuper fun!!

8:17 AM

Blogger Kim said...

No Colbert on my 3 channels of Swedish tv. However, I was intrigued. Thanks for the heads up and for saving me the You Tube searching. Merry Christmas!

4:06 PM


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