Friday, January 12

Buildings Breeding

Straight from my inbox to your ears, here's a nifty band from Davis, California, that strikes me as worth further exploration. They're called Buildings Breeding. Their self-titled debut album comes out January 23 on Mushpot Records, and I'll be eager to hear it.

From what I can tell they're a quartet (though in search of a bass player) led by Chris Larsen and Melanie Glover who play mod-inspired indie pop. For a point of reference, the sample tracks made available to me have shades of Nico and classic psych and jangle-pop. A fair comparison might be to The Light Footwork or a trippier version of The Submarines. They've already gotten recent love from CMJ and their forthcoming release is being picked up nationwide by college radio. They utilize both male and female vocalists, although I'm not sure of the balance between the two since I haven't heard the full album. Here are a couple tracks from Buildings Breeding to check out:

Buildings Breeding - Stacking Up Reasons
Buildings Breeding - Emma Wood

For more on the band, check out their MySpace. The CD should soon be is now available from the Mushpot Records online store.

Update: Another fine track from these guys called "Beesting" is available from the folks at Also, I'm told the album will be available for online ordering next week. I'll post an update when it goes on sale.


Blogger Ryan said...

Rich, you're the first blogger I've seen say anything about these guys. It's a fine album and I have to say Beesting has been on very heavy rotation on my ipod all week.

7:59 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Good to see I'm not crazy. :)

1:04 AM


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