Thursday, April 19

Hot off the presses

C&T fave Stephen Colbert is featured in the May issue of GQ. He answers a variety of questions posed by the magazine to see if Colbert is fit to serve as America's 44th president. An excerpt:

Q: Please list four jobs prior to current position:

A: 1. Correspondent/whipping boy, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Duties included: carrying water for Jon Stewart’s liberal agenda.

2. Investigative reporter, WKJC-Raleigh. Blew the lid off the “YIELD” sign controversy on Maple Street, just past the Arby’s.

3. Male prostitute—but “classy.” In fact, that was my street name: Butt Classy.

4. Arby’s

Part of the feature is available online. Hat tip to the ever-fashionable Falconer for the heads-up.

Also, the May issue of Spin features 72 hours in the city of Atlanta. They spotlight a variety of local hotspots including many that I visit on a regular basis (Day 1 stuff in particular). There's also a picture of Cole from Black Lips in his tighty whiteys, but you've probably all seen that before anyway. It's a two-page spread, and you can check out the first page and second page here. The issue hits newsstands on April 24. Thanks to Giant Noise for the advance copy.


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Blogger Raine said...

"If they will let me lick them, I don’t think they should be Supreme Court candidates." Bahaha.

1:09 AM


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