Tuesday, April 10

Of Montreal karaoke setlist

I'll fill in more details later, but here's what I scribbled down last night with MUCH help from Sloan (and now updated with notes from dreamer27 [George D.] on the E6 Townhall):

Of Montreal
April 9, 2007
40 Watt Club, Athens, GA

Tonight We're Gonna Rock Ya Tonight [Spinal Tap w/ Of Montreal]
- begin karaoke -
All Day and All of the Night [The Kinks w/ Candace Dawson]
Don't Bring Me Down [Electric Light Orchestra w/ Josh Lewis]
Don't Stop Believing [Journey w/ Jason Nesmith of Casper & The Cookies]
Rapture Rapes the Muses [Of Montreal w/ George Dobson, Rachel Foreman, and Ben Lambert]
Need You Tonight [INXS w/ Andy Lemaster of Now It's Overhead]
Surrender [Cheap Trick w/ Davey, one of the CCAA Booty Patrol]
Suffragette City [David Bowie w/ Liz Wheeler & Lily Buckley]
Here Comes Your Man [The Pixies w/ Scott Creeney]
Sweet Child o' Mine [Guns N' Roses w/ Heather McIntosh of Elf Power, The Instruments]
Ever Fallen in Love [Buzzcocks w/ Mary Jane Hessell]
Suffer for Fashion [w/ Jim Hicks of Casper & The Cookies]
Islands in the Stream [Bee-Gees w/ Page Campbell of Hope for Agoldensummer and Zach Gresham of Summer Hymns]
Raspberry Beret [Prince w/ Bronwyn]
Dancing Queen [ABBA w/ 8-Track Gorilla]
The Joker [Steve Miller Band w/ Ben Clack and Jeff Tobias of Dark Meat]
Bunny Ain't No Kind of Ryder [w/ Dan Korn (Of Montreal soundguy)]
The Party's Crashing Us [Of Montreal w/ Lauren Ethridge & Sally Miller & Patrock]
Motor Away [Guided by Voices w/ Dave Wrathgeber of Visitations]
More Than a Feeling [Boston w/ Jeff Griggs of Je Suis France]

I did tape but haven't had time to fiddle with it yet. Alex was there taking pics. May clip out a track or two tonight if I have time, but I may go see Grindhouse instead.

Generally, it was a lot of fun even if really uneven. Highlights for me were the opener and the songs with Casper, Jim Hicks, and the guy from Now It's Overhead. Oh, and Kevin B. doing his best Slash. More later...


Blogger Will said...

Patrick singing the party's crashing us was the highlight...by far

11:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome.
Was anyone who wasn't in a band able to contribute, or did it all seem orchestrated? Curious because I'm going to see them in NY, and the event organizers keep pushing how audience members will be able to sing...

10:50 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Only the people above with a band listed were in bands. Looks like 10 of the 19 karaoke songs were sung by audience members.

10:57 AM


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