Sunday, January 27

Destroyer coming to The EARL, April 28

He's been making waves lately with his new Hello, Blue Roses project, but it looks like Dan Bejar is going back to his roots for a spring tour. I have decidedly mixed feelings about Destroyer and Dan Bejar's stage presence, but find myself glad to see he's coming back to Atlanta. Destroyer will be at The EARL on April 28. No word yet on nationwide dates.

Destroyer - European Oils
Destroyer - Sublimation Hour

Tickets are available from Ticket Alternative.

Update, 1/30: Pitchfork now has dates for the full North American tour.


Blogger Paul said...

The new Destroyer album is pretty damn good for the most part; have you heard it yet? Definitely looking forward to going to this.

9:27 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nope, haven't heard it. Thought the last one was just alright, and haven't sought out the new one.

9:34 PM


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