Saturday, February 2

John Bustine - Waltzes & Pleas

I've been working my way through the many CDs that showed up at C&T HQ during the fall semester, and have come across a few standouts. Among them is Washington, DC, experimental/indie country artist John Bustine. His Waltzes & Pleas was released back in September on Gypsy Eyes Records.

If you enjoy the likes of Kid Dakota, Long Knives, and Sleepy Horses, Bustine should be up your alley. Although rooted in classic western country, his sound meanders back and forth into atmospheric rock. Although the lyrics are often melancholic, there are a number of lighter moments as well. The tracklist probably gives a few of those away.

01. This Guitar Says I'm Drunk
02. Jesus, Jesus Not Again
03. Graceless Birds of Death
04. Miss Amputee, West Culver County
05. Can You Hear Me, O Lord?
06. Come To Me
07. Pensacola
08. Tell Me I'm Yours
09. Where Has Your Husband Gone, Donna?
10. Outlaw's Lullaby
11. Lo! The Great Brown North
12. The Wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop
13. The Ballad of Big Snake and Mr. Frog

The last track is untitled, but the lyrics are attributed to G.G. Allin.

For more on John Bustine, check out his Myspace.


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