Friday, February 29

New Iron Man trailer

I missed Lost last night because of a professional obligation (thank goodness for ABC's full episode player), but during the show a new Iron Man trailer debuted. You knew I'd post this, right?

Iron Man is due in theaters on May 2.


Blogger Paul said...

these trailers continue to get better and better. i'm glad they cleaned up that ending bit with the tank blowing up, because it was looking a bit unfinished from the super bowl spot.

i'm not too familiar with Iron Man/Tony Stark though to be honest, is Downey a good choice?

12:41 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'd say Downey fits the bill. During Tony's early years he was smooth, arrogant, and funny -- Downey can pull that off with no trouble. Stark later became a broken alcoholic, and Downey has struggled with similar demons in the past. No problem here with casting him in that role.

1:26 PM

Anonymous The Mild Mannered Secretary said...

This looks fantastic and I'm not even familiar with this character, though I was intrigued the minute I heard RDJ had signed on to a comic-based movie.

I'd say that the trailer is doing its job of pulling in the clueless masses. The effects look top-notch, too.

Thanks for posting this!

11:19 AM


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