Wednesday, March 26

Cryptacize - Dig That Treasure

As I keep doing lately, I've stumbled onto another record about which I have decidedly mixed feelings. This time it's Dig That Treasure from California's Cryptacize. They are now of the Asthmatic Kitty roster, and the record has many ingredients I find appealing -- it's unique and genre-bending, features a lovely female vocal and interesting instrumentation, and occasionally drifts into some pretty nifty surf, jazz, and retro guitar riffs.

Dig That Treasure also, however, tends to meander and dwell in ambient noise, perhaps reflecting the role of ex-Deerhoof member Chris Cohen. I say "perhaps" because I'm unfamiliar with the rest of the trio's earlier output. Regardless, I am not a Deerhoof fan so your mileage may vary. It's certainly an interesting record, and where it focuses on melody rather than shimmering noise I find it pretty compelling.

Cryptacize - Heaven is Human
Cryptacize - Cosmic Sing Along

The band is currently on tour, and the dates are on their Myspace.


Blogger parallelliott said...

i saw them a few nights ago. total snooze-fest.

2:35 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That's too bad. Was it just too much of the ambient stuff?

2:40 PM


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