Friday, April 25

A lousy way to treat a veteran

Presenting the Captain America Super Deformed Plush (seriously), set for a July 30 release:

Cap will be accompanied by fellow deformed heroes Thor, Spider-Man, Storm, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Hulk (or is that an ill Lou Diamond Phillips?). There's also Venom, because there's nothing cuter than an evil, murderous, short-limbed monster.

Looks like I've figured out how to give my nephew nightmares.


Anonymous rachael said...

you should put rosewood thieves @ star bar nxt weds on that calandar.

1:09 AM

Blogger Paul said...

BWAHAHAHAA @ the Hulk - i'd totally buy that one. poor little fella :(

11:14 AM

Blogger Rich said...

No kidding. They're all pretty hilarious.

11:44 AM


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