Sunday, April 6

New album, tour from North Carolina's Bombadil

North Carolina's Bombadil are a band on the upswing, and in the months ahead they'll release a new record and tour extensively. That includes an April 27 show at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, and the slightly larger Bonnaroo festival on June 15.

The forthcoming record, due April 29 from Ramseur Records, is titled A Buzz, A Buzz. It's not unlike recent albums by The Terrordactyls or Ice Cream Socialists, in that it's adventurous, sometimes cute, and often melodic and/or random. While at its core a pop record, it's hardly formulaic. Some of my favorite moments are when folk or country themes present themselves, as in the closing "Get to Getting On." Some tracks from A Buzz, A Buzz:

Bombadil - Johnny
Bombadil - Get to Getting On

Their full tour schedule is on their Myspace page.


Blogger Fifth said...

Really big fan of that "we are cavaliers, harhum harhum!" song.

11:18 AM

Blogger theleila said...

sigh - love them! haven't seen them since dunch at the earl last year i think. so glad i get another chance to catch 'em!

2:12 PM

Blogger Rich said...

And at Eddie's, too, which really is a nice place to see a show once in a while.

3:29 PM

Anonymous Matthew said...

These guys just got in touch actually, and I really like this stuff. Do you know their labelmate Samantha Crain? Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.

6:09 AM


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