Thursday, May 1

Flagpole Music Awards voting now open!

As noted at Optical Atlas, voting is now open for the Flagpole Music Awards. These awards honor the best in Athens music, as determined by the readers of the Flagpole weekly paper. You'll notice a number of familiar names among the nominees including R.E.M., Of Montreal, The Whigs, The Buddy System, Circulatory System, Sleepy Horses, Madeline, The B-52s, Ham1, Elf Power, Casper & the Cookies, The Lolligags, Vic Chesnutt, Ginger Envelope, Dark Meat, Dead Confederate, Modern Skirts, Drive-By Truckers, Maserati, Hope for Agoldensummer, and others. Balloting is now open.

The winners will be honored on June 19 at the Morton Theater in Athens. Now, go vote!


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