Sunday, May 4

Obechoir & Madeline - "Taste of Rain"

C&T readers will know that I'm quite fond of Athens artist Madeline Adams. I like her solo material a great deal, and when she has collaborated with artists like Phosphorescent and Nana Grizol the results have also been impressive. Less well known are Madeline's earlier interactions with the Bloomington, Indiana, Basement Pop collective. They rely on a DIY ethic to churn out high quality lo-fi pop, with the whole catalog priced at just $5 per CDR.

Madeline collaborated with Bloomington's Obechoir on two songs that appear on 2007's This is Basement Pop sampler. Here you can check out "Taste of Rain," on which Madeline takes a secondary role. It's a nifty pop song with a nice hook, and it's interesting to hear Madeline on a track somewhat removed from her usual aesthetic.

Obechoir & Madeline - Taste of Rain

You can buy the full compilation from Basement Pop.

Bonus mp3: Madeline - To Hell and Back [w/ Phosphorescent]


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