Saturday, September 6

Atlanta ticket giveaway: Witchcraft, TK Webb and the Visions at Drunken Unicorn, 9/13

Brooklyn's TK Webb and the Visions will be in Atlanta on September 13, when they'll open for Sweden's Witchcraft at Drunken Unicorn. TK Webb and the Visions play a fusion of blues, rock, and country, which Spin described as invoking Robert Plant, Robert Johnson, and the conventions of '70s rock. They're currently touring to support their release Ancestor on Kemado Records. I have two tickets to the Drunken Unicorn show available. If you would like them, drop me an e-mail with "TKW tix" in the subject line. I will contact the winner on Wednesday afternoon.

TK Webb and the Visions - Teen is Still Shaking

See their website for more info on the band.


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