Monday, September 8

"Destro's my Tigger."

IDW Publishing revealed today that veteran writer Chuck Dixon will author a new G.I. Joe comic for the imprint, with the first issue likely to hit in February. In an interview with Comic Book Resources discussing the new project, Dixon uttered what will likely be my favorite quote of the week:

As for Dixon's favorite character to write, he says it's not the one he expected. "It's never the ones you think it's going to be," the writer confessed. "I am completely absorbed by Destro, which is something I never anticipated. I used to write 'Winnie the Pooh' books for Dutton, and Tigger always threatened to steal the spotlight from the main cast. Destro's my Tigger. There's nothing that isn't cool about him."

I'm more of an Eeyore/Zartan guy myself, but I can totally relate.


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