Sunday, September 7

Mike Capp's Monsters and Men

Washington-based artist Mike Capp finds inspiration in the drawings of his two children, who must be very, very into surreal and stylish monsters and robots. If they aren't, their daddy sure is. Capp produces some gorgeous pop and low-brow art, with his main focus a series of "Monsters and Men" full of robots, zombies, weird creatures, and other great things.

I wanted to feature Capp here to note that his work includes a handful of pieces featuring characters from comic books including Captain America, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man, and Daredevil. Capp is selling prints of these paintings for very reasonable prices ($5-$10) and the original art of at least a couple is still available. The full gallery is on his Myspace. Behold:

Hulk Monster [buy]

Captain America Skull [buy]

Batman RoboMonster [not available]

Captain America RoboMonster [buy]

Daredevil RoboMonster [buy]

Cappy America [buy]

Iron Man RoboMonster [buy]

Mike Capp's store is at Yessy.


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