Tuesday, September 16

'Heroes' preview at Comic Book Resources

Heroes returns with two new episodes on Monday night (9/22), and NBC has passed along six preview clips to the fanboys at Comic Book Resources.

Hiro meets his new foe:

The writer's strike dragged Season 2 into the sewers, but I'll give it a shot at redemption.


Anonymous The Mild Mannered Secretary said...

I have high hopes that it'll return to the kind of storytelling it delivered in Season One. Tim Kring's interviews have seemed apologetic and mentioned correcting pretty much every fault I placed on their doorstep.

Luckily for them, they built up a lot of good will with that first season, or there would be no audience left for their reboot.

11:17 AM

Anonymous PJ said...

I think I officially gave up on Heroes tonight when they ripped off The Fly. Ugh...what a mess.

1:27 AM


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