Tuesday, September 16

Stipe speaks!

Heads up, R.E.M. fans. Over at Pop Songs, Michael Stipe is answering submitted questions about his band's catalog and other topics.

Hi, here’s my question to Michael Stipe: To what extent were the lyrics Shiny Happy People written in irony? Or was it just a genuinely happy song?!

I really wanted it to be happy, but like the Monkees or the Banana Splits happy…fruity happy like fruit striped gum. When we did the video Kate showed up really dolled up and she looked supergreat, but we had to amp it all up to kind of match her. I went home and got all my yellow green clothes and the dance got a little sillier. Same happened with Stand and Near Wild Heaven. That was kind of it for our pop experiment. Well, Pop Song 89 and Get Up, but there the videos were a little darker, so it turned how they were accepted.

Three lengthy posts have been made available so far.

Thanks to Setting the Woods on Fire for the tip!


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