Friday, October 31

New Casper & the Cookies - "You Love Me"

Casper & the Cookies

Athens-based Casper & the Cookies recently completed their forthcoming album, Modern Silence, right here in Classic City. It will be the follow-up to their excellent 2006 record The Optimist's Club, and they've promised a whopping 16 tracks of pop goodness.

Throughout October the band have shared exclusive tracks with a few of my favorite music blogs, and I hope you have checked them out:

@ Three Imaginary Girls - "Little King"

@ Optical Atlas - "Sunshine Girl"

@ You Ain't No Picasso - "Song Across the Sea"

Today I'm pleased to present a Halloween treat -- the fourth and final exclusive track from Modern Silence. Titled "You Love Me," the song shows off the chops we've come to expect from Casper and company, and you even get to hear some raving from Kay's bad self. Good stuff.

Casper & the Cookies - "You Love Me"

Modern Silence is due in early 2009, and I can't wait to hear the whole kit and kaboodle.

Thanks to the band for providing the track!


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