Saturday, October 25

Saturday Looks Good To Me - "Meet Me By The Water"

Michigan's Saturday Looks Good To Me have been kickin' out the jams for nearly a decade. Today I was reminded how much I enjoy them, as I happened to hear their "Meet Me By The Water" on streaming radio. The song comes from their 2003 release All Your Summer Songs, and still sounds great with its classic pop vibe and horns.

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Meet Me By The Water

For what it's worth, this was my soundtrack while the Georgia Bulldogs and LSU Tigers were beating the hell out of each other on TV. A bit unconventional, but it works for me.


Blogger Yedna said...

Love, love, love this band. Although, I was kind of disappointed in the lack of female-sung songs on 'Fill Up the Room'.

5:23 PM


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