Monday, November 10

New video from How I Became the Bomb - "Salvage Mission"

Nashville Cream notes that there's a new video from Music City fave How I Became the Bomb. It's for their song "Salvage Misison," and it's spacetastic.

You can download much of The Bomb's catalog from their website for free. They play at the Star Bar in Atlanta on November 20. Get excited.


Anonymous Luis said...

not only do they play in Atlanta - but its a FREE show!!

(ok ok i know, plugging my show...)

pop death squad presents
Big Trouble in Little 5 Points
the Judies
How I Became the Bomb
21 and UP / FREE / 9PM
at the Star Bar

1:44 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nice! Didn't realize it was a Pop Death Squad show. Sweeeet.

1:48 PM

Blogger fishbulb said...

amazing. love this video and band. thanks!!

2:29 PM

Blogger Rich said...

It reminds me of playing Tie-Fighter on my Atari 2600. Only more awesome.

2:33 PM

Blogger John said...

beginning of each verse sounds exactly like Trans Am's "Future World" tune (one of the best tours I saw at the Echo Lounge btw)

HIBTB are great fun live. go

11:59 AM


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