Sunday, November 2


Art from Captain America #2 (2005), by Michael Lark

This is it, folks. The 2008 general election is Tuesday, November 4. Get out and vote!

Quick links:

President: Barack Obama-Joe Biden (D). John McCain-Sarah Palin (R). Obama YouTube. McCain YouTube.

U.S. Senate from Georgia: Jim Martin (D). Saxby Chambliss (R).

Voting: Georgia polling places. Voter Assistance Hotline (1-866-OUR-VOTE). All 50 Secretaries of State.

Polling data: Nate Silver. RealClearPolitics. Pollster.

Election results: Georgia Secretary of State. AJC. CNN. MSNBC.

How I think it'll shake out...

Obama 338, McCain 200 (52% O, 46% M, 2% other); Senate Dems +7; House Dems +26

I'll keep this post at the top of C&T through Tuesday night.

Update: Ha! Karl Rove and I have exactly the same predicted outcome, state by state.


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